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Thursday, January 24, 2008

5:51 AM

Gorgeous Crimson Red Satin Flats
Brings you from CNY visitations to late night clubbing.
Decadently Comfortable and beautiful.
Size 40, but runs small so fills a 38/39 better.
BN with box if you want it.

Yours for $23
price nego if you pay fast =D

Feminate Sweet Laced OpenToes in Cream
Get this pair of 3" beauties to match whatever occasion.
Minor production flaws not very visable. Still, not for fussies. Hence the cheap price of only $13.
Size 8, or local 39. But runs small, so 38 would fit better, or slender 39s.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8:39 AM

Tweed Puppy Tote/Sling Bag

Fuzzy Pink Cow Tote
$8 (A few stains inside: *Warning: not for fussies*)

Striped Tote/Sling Bag

Swatch Red SlingOver BN

Light Blue Nike Backpack
One Zipper broken, but bag can still be zipped up with secondary zip (not for fussies)
if you don't mind, it'll be cheap at $6

8:11 AM

Zara Offshoulder Blouse
Tagged L
Pretty Stretchy, wears better than it looks.
It's sits prettily on ur shoulder, that's pretty much it.
Worn only to try, not out.

Simply put, its $15

7:59 AM

Forever 21 Terry Cloth Sunset Rainbow Jumper

peppy, sweet, and incredibly soft. perfect for those days on the beach.
Sold out on the website! (From Heritage Collection)
Tagged L, fits M-Small L perfectly.
Measurements on request.

Sunny Sided at $29

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12:55 AM

Authentic Amani Exchange Tee

In wine maroon, its as gorgeous as it gets. The A/X logo is embellished onto the front.
As a gift, or to spoil yourself, works either way. Best for AX Fanatics.
BN worn only to try.

Size M, Fits True / Topshop 8/10

For the smokin' babe in you. Beauty comes cheap at $50.
Price Nego for Quick Deals.

12:44 AM

Forever 21 (Primp Lookalike) Horsie Print Primp Thermal

Shiverin' in ur panties cause of the horrid freezy rain?
Grab your fav F21 Primp Lookalike Thermal to get toasty again!

Size M, Slightly Stretchable.
BN Only worn to try.

Has a bit of diamante studding for one of the horsies, for that bling to ur purchase.
Still much loved, so going for $35

12:27 AM

Mango Suit in L
the kick for this piece that makes it so awesome is its materia. It's semi sheer, has has a soft satiny feel to it. BN only worn for trying, the apt name wld be Lyocel. It's lightweight and has a bit of puff around the sleeves.

It's also super stretchy so can fit from M (Unstretched) till a XL (Stretched).
Part of the Suit Collection at Mango.

For this material conscious, going for $19.

12:21 AM

you heard the monkey. its the holis, let loose at $15
Free Size, Best for S-M Small L

Saturday, September 15, 2007

10:35 PM

You probably already have a pair, your mom has a pair and your best friend has a pair.

get it here now. in the black of the moment.
Brand new, absolutely unsed. Still in bag.
Sz 39!

$11 with postage!

9:51 PM

Hex Crisscrosses

A pair of gorgeous patent Dark Fuscia sandles with a quaint over ankle clasp.
it's beyond vintage, chic or modern fashion trends. it's a shoe for all periods.
The crisscrosses create a slim and long sillouette instead of chunky broad feet.
Bought overseas so you can be ensured uniquity here. =) Brand: Predictions

Worn Once Only. UK6.5 / US8/ EUR40
(Fits local C&K39 / Topshop 39)

$28 (pickup) or $30 (mailed)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

10:28 AM

Brand New OP Tropical Handcarry

Need that lil beach piece for sunny tanning days?
This cute lil bag is your answer! Brand spanking new, can prolly hold wallet, mp3, hp, tanning solution bikini and a small towel.
Opens up to a bucket bottom.

Letting go for

9:53 AM

Space Gingham Checkered Top

Fuck Dorothy! This top will clinche you that sweet girl next door look with the least amount of effort. Check the adorable buttons on the side of the sleeves. Pair it with killer stilettos to confuse the sterotype!
Fits M-L / UK 12 best (IMO)

Going going going...
at $28

9:47 AM

Zara Offshoulder Forest Slub

Lightweight and comfortable, the green will add the color you so desperately crave.
Can be worn offshoulder or loosely on both shoulder
Fits UK 8-14 due to its versatility
Preloved, so condition is 7/10 with some furring.
Not for the nitpicky.


9:40 AM

Mango Ribbon Fluttersleeve Top

the office top you'll prolly won't have to change when you head to the club. this effortlessly chic and versatile piece comes in
Mango L / fits UK 12-small 14
at only $26

9:35 AM

Forever 21 Chocolate Babydoll V

Emphasize the effeminate in this babydoll piece from F21
The Vshaped neck brings out the sexy of this girly piece.
F21 M / UK 8-10
Beauty comes cheap at

12:52 AM

Project Shop Blood Brothers Strappy Tie Sandals

For that boho feel in your toes, get ProjShop's Strappy Tie Sandals, suitable for a UK 39 or Size 8 in feet.
Brand Spanking New, Never worn out before only to try
Pair it with a flowy long skirt for that chic, i don't give a f*ck but damn i'm hot look.
Prolly still on sale now for $19.90. So get it cheap here!


12:41 AM

Picture Credited to UrbanOutfitters.com

Product Description
Solid opaque tights, in a ton of colors to fit all moods and outfits. Rib-knit waistband. Made in the USA. Machine wash.
* One size fits most
* Micro fiber nylon, spandex

BRAND NEW, available only in Black, Quality Guaranteed.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

11:11 PM

Silly Rabbit Trix are for Kids!
well actually not really, cause this awesome shirt is for everybody!
going for $25, fantastic condition
Size Junkfood L, 18" pit-t0-pit

Monday, May 14, 2007

11:37 AM


Sunday, April 8, 2007

7:31 AM

COACH COACH ! i got me a coach on the loose!
heh, Unauthentic but pretty nice mimitation of the Coach Monogram Clutch/Purse

Only flaw is the queer backing the put inside the fabric to keep the partitions straight, outside's pretty convincing though.

Hence, due to the unexactness of this mimitation its off for


.. OR hit me with ur best.


how it works

see what you like
inquire at tagboard if you have questions
email me at eighty7smacks@yahoo.com.sg to get it =)
no meetups
most of the stuff here is pretty new and in good condition
don't be a shithead and make orders you can't fulfill


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